Advanced Skills for Classroom Management

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A well-managed classroom does not happen magically – it takes planning, effort and commitment to create effective and responsive classrooms.  For many teachers their craft is implicit; they have learned over many years what works and their skills operate at an intuitive level. But once made explicit, these same skills can be learned and practiced even by novice teachers; studies show that understanding and using specific strategies for effective classroom management can transform teaching and learning.

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About the course
Identifying the 'secret' ingredients of effective classroom management allows us to incorporate evidence-based approaches and strategies into our own classroom practices. Being an effective teacher means having the ability to create an optimal learning environment for all students. This process requires ongoing development and application of a range of teaching and management skills every day and in every class. Effective teachers create and maintain orderly, stimulating and motivating learning environments. They foster a classroom culture where self-discipline, responsibility and creativity are encouraged and where students develop an awareness of the consequences of their own behaviour and a respect for others.

Better teaching, better behaviour, and higher achievement are all intertwined. This course helps teachers to develop their own repertoire of advanced classroom management skills, enhancing learning, behaviour and wellbeing. Drawing on fascinating psychological research, it delivers powerful strategies and proven techniques which can be easily adopted in your practice. It examines the influence of teachers’ attitudes, beliefs and expectations on pupils and encourages reflection and a self-evaluative approach. From evidence-based practices for building positive behaviour, to approaches for conflict resolution and preventing stress and burnout, this course provides you with a wealth of knowledge and practical resources to boost your confidence and skills.

Who is this course aimed at?
This course is specifically aimed at teachers, SNAs and others with a professional interest in developing their repertoire of classroom management skills.

Approved by the Department of Education
This course is approved by the Department of Education.

Three EPV days will be allowed for primary school teachers who take the course during the summer term. Please note this provision applies only to the summer term as per Department guidelines.

This course has four terms each year, Spring, May/June, Summer & Autumn.

This course will equip you with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the critical importance of classroom management to learning, and its contribution to student motivation, behaviour, and achievement. The course provides a review of existing tried and tested techniques for managing classrooms effectively and creating a classroom where students are encouraged to try new ideas, manage their own learning and where mistakes are viewed as an opportunity for growth. It provides you with a research-based approach to classroom management, which is also designed to enhance learning behaviour and wellbeing.

Key practices are identified which promote positive behaviour and effective teaching and learning. We provide a framework for building a positive classroom climate; developing trust and responsiveness, safety and predictability and encouraging high levels of motivation and engagement. We examine the impact of students’ life experiences and unique differences on learning and behaviour and look at differentiation as one of the keys to positive behaviour. Practical approaches which enhance classroom management are detailed, including choices and consequences, democracy in the classroom, peer mentoring and cooperative learning.  Social and emotional literacy and the role of direct instruction for behaviour and learning are also explored and approaches for building self-regulation skills are explained. Finally we look at how you can handle stress, prevent burnout and make these skills your own.


  • Develop your repertoire of advanced classroom management skills
  • Support students to work together towards mutual goals of learning and behaviour
  • Review tried and tested techniques for managing classrooms effectively
  • Develop strategies for motivating reluctant learners, encouraging student self-discipline, self -respect and responsibility
  • Learn how to identify and prevent stress and burnout
  • Enjoy rich opportunities for collaboration with our online network of learners and tutors.
  • Save printable course materials and resources for future reference.

Interactive Learning Assignments accompany each module. Each student is also required to complete a Reflective Assignment as well as a CPD record.

On completion, you will receive a Certificate of Continuing Professional Development and a Learning Log of your work, which can be included in your CPD portfolio.

All of our tutors are experts in classroom management and positive behaviour and will provide you with one-to-one guidance as you complete your studies online.

Technical support is provided by our dedicated team of qualified learning technologists, who are available to assist you by telephone or email.



11 October - 05 December 2021

29 November 2021

Summer Term
1 July – 26 August 2021

20 hours of self paced study any time during the term

Certificate of CPD ** Summer term fully approved for EPV days for Primary Teachers**



Responding to the Challenge of Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties


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