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What You Love About Teaching

The start of 2021 has been challenging for many with remote teaching and home schooling.  We asked you on Valentine’s Day last year to tell us what you love about teaching….we thought now might be a good time to remind you what you said:

"The students - watching them begin their PP journey as a student who worried about being seen as different due to learning disorder and leaving as a confident young person.  And when they return after they have left to fill you in on what's been going on since!"  

Maz Browney

"I believe that teaching is a spiritual professional where you do not have the responsibility of one child, rather a generation.  I love the feeling of seeing them grow every day, where they put so much effort to take their small steps towards a big journey with love and support."               

Farah Khan

"I work with permanently excluded children and I hated school as a child.  I want to make a difference, make school an enjoyable place to be.  Turn the negative into a positive experience."

Dionne Fraser  

"I love that every time before you teach someone you need to learn first!  It makes you grow every day and be the best version of yourself." 

Jurgita Pa 

"The smile and the self-belief of students' achievements."

Sheila Casey Murray

"Helping children achieve their dreams."

Caitriona Bannerton

"I love following the children's emergent interests and observing them during role play can be fascinating!"

Aisling Raftery

"Love the creativity that you have to develop in order to find different ways to motivate students in order to learn!"

Naya Alexiou

"The human contact, the variety, unpredictability and fun each and every day!"

Sarah King

"I just love to see the children grow and develop over the year...making friends and growing in confidence."

Bernadette Mullen

"The smile on a child's face when they achieve after struggling."

Alaa Tawfeeq

"Being a teacher I have the opportunity to be with set of same students for a year's time since one academic year lasts for 12 months. This means I am able to influence and impact my students for 9 or 10 months leaving the school vacation. That is all I love about teaching as I have enough time to transform my students' thinking patters which affect their behaviour and to perform as successful adults. The whole class of 20-25 students, every year a new group coming is exciting. I never feel tired working with young people. I work as a teacher and counsellor. Every year I can educate my students how to be happy, how to be successful and how to take maximum out of school education. I love that my students trust in what they hear from me, which makes it easy for me to teach not just academics but everything to be a better person and a responsible citizen."

Sudhira Rupasinghe

Finally, we’d like to leave you with this article about Barbara Fredrickson’s book Love 2.0.  She defines love not in the romantic sense but as the moment-to-moment experience of warm, mutual caring that we can feel with anyone, even strangers. 

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