Independent international centre for research in special needs and inclusion

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ICEP Europe is involved in a number of high profile projects with both national and international partners.

What we do
We are a major independent centre for teaching and research in special needs and inclusion, in Ireland and the UK.  Our team is comprised of a  concentration of educational researchers of international quality and reputation.  Our cutting edge and innovative research is brought into the course content for our university and professional development programmes. 
Why it matters
Our research mission is to be the agent and catalyst for more effective and higher quality education for individuals with learning difficulties and additional needs. Through research and consultancy services we hope to build and maintain a close local, national, and international network with our professional counterparts to facilitate professional collaboration.

The Institute welcomes ideas and innovative ways to work collaboratively with schools, researchers, and relevant organisations.

To discuss further, please contact:

Dr. Deirdre MacIntyre
[email protected]
Tel:+353 1 6510618